All it takes is a Well-Rounded Resume

Whenever a job is posted, the number of CVs pouring in are ample. In almost all the cases, an employer is unable to read the whole CV comprising of the accomplishments, tasks and duties of potential employees. When the process of recruitment is taking place, most employers skim through the resumes, reading only those things which grab attention. Companies like WeMoHire makes sure a contender stands out par excellence. Before recruiting and preparing the candidate for a company, WeMoHire mentors as well as guides the job seeker to make him/her eligible for an interview. WeMoHire makes sure all miscommunications, if any, are rectified in order to save precious energy and time. Here are a few things an applicant should know at the tip of their fingers.

  1. Personal Statement will make or break the interview call. The company wants to know what you will accomplish for it, what you’re willing to offer and the motivation to take their organization forward. A personal statement should be a composed thought which highlights your potential, strength and abilities.
  2. Always begin with your most recent experiences, graduations, volunteer work and skills. The employer does not want to start off by knowing what kind of a person you were five years ago when in fact you have clearly progressed from that point.
  3. Be precise. Be clear. Yes, there might have been a few instances at your previous job when you saved the day. You might have felt bursts of happiness on many occasions but the CV does not need to be cluttered with that. Make each statement direct and to the point.
  4. Re-read for grammar mistakes and spelling errors. A single mistake can be a deal breaker. Following this rule will make sure that your employer knows that you’re competent, focused and thorough.
  5. References carry a huge weight. The interviewer wants to know the feedback from your last company. It’s favorable to provide an email address if the contact number is personal. Strong references improve the chance for an interview call but the employer would rather consider an individual who makes their work easier thus writing ‘will be provided on request’ would just exasperate the recruiter and your CV wouldn’t be given a second look.

A resume which covers all areas, be it the way it’s organized, how everything is put in the right order and is the one which withholds no errors goes a long way. These basic rules separate an extraordinary resume from an average one.

Be different and make sure you stand out.
Written by: Kinza Tahir

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